Our Why

Rhi Parkes and her family
This little biz was born out of the love, gratitude and appreciation I have for my family. These two people continuously push me to become a better person, year after year. If it wasn’t for these two incredible souls, forcing me to show up in the world as my true authentic self, I wouldn’t be where I am today.
I made a promise to myself and to my family during the chaos that 2020 bought to our lives- that I would put myself, and their well-being first, always.
So here I am. Putting us first. Taking a HUGE leap of faith, putting myself out there, becoming vulnerable and sharing my gifts with the world.

Maiz the Label was born at a time when so much of the world seemed to stop and take a real good look at itself. Maiz the Label has always been a dream and something that has finally come to fruition in 2020 alongside an incredible village of support.

Maiz the Label promotes inclusivity, creativity, individuality and kindness to all.


How do you know our clothes are for you?

Well here at Maiz, we will consistently beat to the sound of our own drum, we will not back down and let anyone dull our sparkle. We are who we are and are ready to share our amazing gifts with the world. And we hope you are too!

The garments Maiz the Label will showcase are available for everyone. We will never label anything boys or girls because we believe in shaping a society that removes these connotations from specific garments. Whilst some people may have a hard time grasping this concept due to the certain colours and or styles we design, we will stay firm in these choices as we wish to support all young persons to cultivate their own individuality based on their likes and dislikes away from society's perceptions.

Maiz the Label is for everyone. Just as you are.

Wherever you have come from and whoever you are, we want to celebrate that, now and forever. We cannot wait to see your cool kids sparkle and shine in our designs, expressing their authentic selves and showing up in the world, as exactly who they are.

love, maiz x