Welcome to Maizy's world.πŸ’œ

A place to be your whole true self and keep the good vibes high.πŸ’«

A special collection of carefully curated accessories by our Maizy girl. A mix of handmade and sourced accessories that scream big, childhood fun. All items that are found here, have been selected with love to help your inner child feel seen.

Around here we are very aware that accessories can be used an extension of your souls self and the way you like to express yourself. So do it the best way possible, by dressing to impress, adding accessories to your fit to really elevate that look and your feels.

Maizy brings the good vibes to your world. 🌈


All sales from this collection will go directly to Maizy girl, the little entrepreneur. If you are looking for something custom, you can follow her journey via @maizys.world x

5 products

5 products