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Hello 👋🏽 

My name is Rhi. I was named after a Fleetwood Mac song. Yes my parents are legends.
I am a Sagittarius Sun, Moon, and Gemini rising. So yes I’m a little bit fiery, passionate, have a real gypsy like nature and would rather be outside living under the stars, I love a good adventure, deep authentic conversations, animals, good food, creating soul connections with the right people and adding a touch of extra-ness to everything around me.
This year will be my 30th lap around the sun and whilst my life has been a lifelong learning journey, I don’t think I’ve learnt so much about myself, the world and those around me, than in the last few years. I am so into all things woo woo and always have been. My nan taught me all about woo related topics long before it was a common thing.
I grew up in a central Victorian town called Bendigo and am so grateful for that little slice of regional heaven we call our OG home. My soul mate and I moved to Queensland 7 years ago. First to Yeppoon and then to the Sunshine Coast. We’ve settled and love it and won’t be going anywhere.... just yet.
We have a daughter, Maija is turning 6 tomorrow! Woo hooo!
She is one heck of a little lady and a real mix of us both. Sorry Maiz but you got 2 lots of weirdness combined. Maija is thriving in the school department, loves learning of all kinds and is so keen to soak up everything about the world around her. She has the kindest heart and is very aware of her emotions and others around her and does a better job of regulating or becoming aware of many things even a grown adult wouldn’t be aware of. I am so proud of who she is and continues to develop into each and every day.
Timmy our main man, is an absolute legend and the driving force behind me stepping out to follow my passion and souls work. He works in construction, is so passionate and driven to succeed and has done great things alongside the company he works for to get them to some really incredible places. I value his love, support and silliness that usually come at all the right times.
It’s nice having someone so supportive telling you to just go for it and to worry about everything afterwards. I’m such a planner and organiser and worrier or need to know things will turn out okay and or be perfect every time. 
We have a cat, Ace (the fluffy cactus) and a VERY social dog Soda who is kept in line by said fluffy cactus.
In my down time I like to dance, cook, read books, climb mountains, sit in nature, swim in the ocean, see live music, exercise and meditate. We are also on the hunt to find the greatest Parma on the Sunshine Coast. (Sorry peeps but Nothing will ever compare to a Victorian Parma - eat your heart out Tyson’s Reef!)
The faces behind the Maiz label, are real. We want to show you us, so you can show us all of you. Get in touch, we love to chit chat. 💖🌸⚡️